Circumnavigation of Australia in 2025!


Coral Adventurer | departs Cairns 17 October 2025 | only 60 staterooms


Embark on an exciting journey with Off The Beaten Track Travel, as we unveil the exclusive opportunity of the Circumnavigation of Australia in 2025. Australia, a vast and diverse continent, beckons adventurous travellers to explore its hidden gems and stunning landscapes. In this blog post, we warmly invite you to delve into the details of this exceptional experience, promising breathtaking and revitalizing moments.

Discover the Unexplored Corners

Australia’s coastline, a collection of wonders waiting to be uncovered, takes centre stage as Coral Expeditions, a pioneer in expedition cruising, promises an exclusive and immersive experience. This unique journey artfully reveals the beauty of remote locations for every curious traveller.

Unveiling the Itinerary

The carefully planned itinerary seamlessly showcases the diversity of Australia’s coastal wonders. From the famous Great Barrier Reef to the rugged landscapes of Western Australia, each destination thoughtfully offers a new and captivating chapter in this incredible voyage. With Coral Expeditions’ exceptional expertise, every day brings a fresh and exhilarating adventure.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Splendor

Prepare to be captivated by the untouched beauty of Australia’s natural wonders. Snorkel in clear waters, marvel at vibrant marine life, and stroll along pristine beaches. This circumnavigation is more than just a journey; it’s a profound connection with nature at its most unspoiled.

Embrace the Comfort of Luxury

Understanding the importance of comfort, Off The Beaten Track Travel meticulously ensures that Coral Expeditions’ vessels are not only equipped with modern amenities but also boast cozy accommodations. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as you elegantly sail through the coastal wonders of Australia.

Your Gateway to Adventure Awaits

The Circumnavigation of Australia in 2025 is undoubtedly a rare and exclusive opportunity, and Off The Beaten Track Travel serves as your dedicated gateway to this extraordinary adventure. To secure your coveted spot and gain insights into the carefully crafted exclusive packages, we warmly invite you to visit our contact page. Don’t miss the unique chance to be an integral part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A Glimpse into Coral Expeditions’ Expertise

Coral Expeditions, undeniably a leader in expedition cruising, consistently provides travelers with outstanding and transformative experiences. Their unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that your remarkable journey leaves a positive impact on the awe-inspiring destinations you’ll explore. Learn more about their dedication to creating meaningful travel experiences by visiting their official website.

Seize the Opportunity

The Circumnavigation of Australia in 2025 promises not only breathtaking landscapes but also unparalleled adventures. Off The Beaten Track Travel is genuinely thrilled to expertly guide you through this remarkable journey. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to explore Australia’s coast like never before. We warmly invite you to visit our contact page now and embark on this unique and unforgettable adventure.