These over-the-top hotel stays, epic expedition cruises, and otherworldly adventures are pure trip-of-a-lifetime material.

Dream vacations look different to everyone, but no matter what your travel style, some experiences will always elicit that big wow. We call these trips ultra-luxe – they’re the thrill-packed itineraries to the farthest corners of the globe, the romantic private-island getaways, and the unbelievable and meaningful African safaris. Get inspired by this list of ideas from Virtuoso hotels, cruise lines, and travel companies that specialize in ultraluxe travel; when you’re ready to go big, your travel advisor can help make it happen. 

Invite your friends and family to your villa.

One of the best perks for family celebrations and get-togethers: a sprawling space to call your own. Picture private chateaus or beachfront villas with every convenience (multiple bedrooms, complimentary bikes, direct ocean access) and creature comfort – heated pools, outdoor bathtubs, and private-chef-prepared dinners are just the beginning. Choose from hillside hideaways with spa therapists who come straight to your door or prime urban perches that make it easy to get out and explore historic Old Towns and weekend farmers’ markets.  


A private-villa perch worth traveling around the globe for.

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