What specific items are necessary to bring on an expedition cruise?


Dress code: Tropical expedition cruising

Just exactly WHAT do you need to take with you on an expedition cruise? It’s not like you can run out to the shops and pick up any items you’ve forgotten when you are adventuring on the high seas to remote natural wonders is it?

Off the ship and out and about gear…

Heat stroke is no joke when you’re adventuring and therefore, we cannot recommend highly enough a light-weight, wide-brimmed hat. Take two if you can and make sure at least one of them can be washed and dried easily for swimming and snorkelling.

Other notables for your face include polarized good quality sunglasses (two if you’re forgetful), reef-friendly sunscreen and a light pair of binoculars.


If an item lacks a collar, it should be left behind. Ensure that your shirts have long sleeves, and some should have the option to be rolled up, as shown in the left example. At a minimum, search for fabrics that dry quickly and can be rolled up in your bag. Lightweight materials with good breathability are also recommended. Remember to bring an extra shirt for added safety.

Remember to include a lightweight, breathable spray jacket as well. Even though it may be hot, nights on the water can be cool.


Having a few pairs of comfortable, lightweight, and fast-drying shorts is essential for various activities, whether you’re swimming or going out for dinner. It’s also advisable to bring a pair of long pants for hiking, as they offer protection against the sun, insects, and vegetation.

Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit (bathing suit) as well. Whether you plan to enjoy the onboard pool or spa, or go snorkelling along a beautiful turquoise coast, make sure to have it in your bag.


It is often said that investing in your shoes is investing in happiness, and if it hasn’t been said, it should be. Nothing is more crucial than ensuring the safety and well-being of your feet while you’re out exploring. Make sure to pack a reliable and comfortable pair of walking shoes or boots for extended walks, as well as a pair of hiking sandals for easy transitioning in and out of zodiacs when reaching the shore.

Also handy…

  • Walking poles (if you use them)
  • Wet bag or water resistant back pack
  • Extra batteries and memory cards for cameras
  • Phone battery charger
  • Power adapter
  • Insect repellent
  • Gym gear

Medicines and prescriptions